Top Alternatives to Bitcoin

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Do you want to make online payments that are Bitcoin-like but practical alternatives? There are various options, but here are some of the best cryptocurrencies not called Bitcoin:

  1. Peercoin (2012)

This product was launched in August 2012. Peercoin is Bitcoin-based but has a different way of verifying mined coins. Rather than just using a proof of work (POW) system that needs miners to solve hashes, it will later use a proof of stake (POS) system.

A result of the POS system has more coins results in higher chances of mining more coins. Peercoin has no fixed upper limit of coins and is, therefore, an inflationary currency.

  1. Primecoin (2013)

The main way Primecoin is different from the majority of other altcoins is that the mining isn’t about solving hashes. Rather, Primecoin mining is about finding Cunningham chains, which are big sequences of prime numbers.

The numbers are more valuable mathematically than hashes that usually are typically decoded in cryptocurrency mining.They’re used in various applications such as public key cryptography.

  1. QuarkCoin (2013)

Named after tiny particles inside an atomic nucleus, QuarkCoin is the best altcoin option for customers who are concerned about security. It uses nine rounds of hashtags and selects from six hashing methods.

The majority of cryptocurrencies just use 1 bash. This givesQuarkCoin a security edge in this area over other cryptocurrencies. QuarkCoin utilizes CPU mining. Like Peercoin, it doesn’t have a hard cap on total QRK.

  1. Novacoin (2013)

This is a fork of Peercoin and as a result shares the hybrid POW/POS system of Peercoin. Novacoin, however, also borrows from Litecoin and uses script hashing for the POW system

Also, its POS difficulty is higher than Peercoin. It should also be noted that Novacoin has a max. Total supply is equaling 2 billion NVC. It should be noted it’s not likely to ever reach that cap.

  1. LiteCoin (2011)

If you want the next-best-thing to Bitcoin, then you should consider Litecoin. Like other altcoins is based on the Bitcoin protocol. However, it’s designed to ensure that mining is cheaper and democratic compared to Bitcoin.

One way it achieves those goals is by offering a different cryptography protocol called script. It can be decoded effectively via high-quality GPUs.

  1. Feathercoin (2013)

This is a Litecoin spin-off. It’s similar to Litecoin but has many differences that make it different. Feathercoin changes the mining difficulty more frequently than Litecoin.

  1. Namecoin (2011)

This wasn’t designed as a currency. The main function of Namecoin’s main function is to control an alt. Domain Name System (DNS) for the .bit domain.

.bit domains can avoid censorship. That’s because the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) doesn’t control them. The ICANN governs all other domains’ DNS.

If you’re looking for a Bitcoin alternative, these are some of the best options you should consider. For a full list of online casino deposit options, visit

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