3 Ultimate Ingredients That Will Leave You Stress-Free

There are several stressors we can all relate to, whether at work, at home or even within our family; we have experienced it all. Your stress level can build up to be overwhelming, thus lead to serious body and emotional damage.

To ensure a vitalized state for your body, mind and soul, it is extremely crucial you employ stress-relieving practices into your daily routine. My favorite form of letting go is by soaking my body in a bathtub a few times a week. However, as straightforward as it sounds, it is a special method.

Have you ever taken a good swim in the ocean before? If yes, do you remember vividly how your body felt? I know! That feeling is to kill for. Your body most likely felt overly refreshed and serene. Well, it is very possible to bring that same experience into your lovely home.

All you need for this energetic, pick-me-up session is a bathtub and 3 simple ingredients; sea salt, organic argan oil and lavender essential oil.

If you are having a nerve-wrecking day or you feel down about a situation at hand, just smile and let loose. Capture this opportunity in a bathtub to meditate and uplift your spirit, while your favorite song is playing in the background. Warm water bath has proven to be great at plunging stress away, especially after a long dreadful day at work. Not only will it promote wellness, it will put your body and mind into an absolute relaxed mode.

Here are the ingredients and how to use them

1. Sea Salt

If you are looking to discard bad energy, sea salt will deliver that for you, both internally and externally. Sea salt has been used for centuries now, to calm and cleanse the body.

It is pretty easy to confuse sea salt with Epsom salt. Please note that they are two different things and serve different purposes. Epsom salt is mostly used for healing sore muscles, whereas sea salt crumbles negative energy. Negative energy is commonly associated with stress, anger, pain, negative emotions and fear. You can buy sea salt at your local grocery store or in bulk online. My favorite brand is Celtic Sea Salt.

2. Organic Argan Oil

Organic argan oil is chock full of potent vitamins, proteins and essential fatty acids that will enrich your body. In its purest form, it is effective for soothing free radical activities; thanks to its high level of vitamin E. Free radical activities are the primary causes of premature aging.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it absorbs 60% of any topical solution you put on it. Without doubt, dipping your whole body while relaxing in this warm bath will ensure that your body is not rubbed the opportunity to soak in the beneficial nutrients argan oil delivers. It will also soften your skin, hair, nails and feet. For extra hydration, apply again after the session.

3. Lavender Essential Oil

My favorite therapy for clearing and maintaining an emotional balance is lavender essential oil. I love it because it relieves tension and anxiety like no other. Modern research has proven that lavender produces a calming, soothing and seductive effect when its scent is inhaled.

Here are the guidelines to follow in uplifting your spirit with these natural wonders.

  1. Feel your bathtub with warm water and pore in 3 cups of sea salt.
  2. Add 12 drops of organic argan oil.
  3. Next up, add 10 drops of lavender essential oil to the mix. I inhale the oil prior adding the drops. Why? To get my body better prepared for the treat.
  4. Dive in and stay calm for about 30mins.
  5. It rejuvenates, so submerge your whole body in the mix. I’m sure you want your skin to feed off the essential nutrients this concoction brings.
  6. Take a deep breath, release, relax and enjoy!

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