Argan Oil Vs Barbary Fig Seed Oil

Both elixirs are remarkably effective for hydrating and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. What makes each oil unique is the difference in composition of the essential fatty acids. Barbary fig seed oil and Argan oil are better suited for distinct purposes in your personal care regime.

Illustrated in the infographic below, exceptionally high levels of Vitamin E (1000mg/kg) and Linoleic acid (62%) make Barbary fig seed oil more suited for intense skin hydration and cell renewal.

It also supports skin repair after trauma and provides maximum protection from environmental stress. The oil is extremely light and It helps address the signs of aging including hyper pigmentation. Linoleic acid is predominantly present in Barbary fig seed oil and this fatty acid plumps the skin to help smooth out wrinkles and increase firmness.

Argan oil is renowned for its healing, conditioning and repairing properties.  It contains a higher concentration of Oleic acid (46.05%). This essential fatty acid is wonderful for your hair. It’s tames fizzy ends and promotes hair growth. No doubt, after use, you’ll have luminous soft locks with incredible shine.

Argan oil shares similar elements with barbary fig seed oil and its also recommended for skin care. Be sure to know that argan oil’s natural structure makes it remarkably suitable for the hair.



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